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Website Main Pic - Cliff Koma Nov 2019 .

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Conversational, Resonant, Friendly, Confident, Warm, Dynamic & Clear Voice Overs with Personality!

Cliff Koma is also a professional American voice over artist and actor based out of the U.S. & Australia with 8+ years of experience. 

His voice has been described as confident, friendly, warm, dynamic, deep, fun, conversational, and upbeat. He has the versatility of having a bass/baritone voice with a 4 octave range, so he can handle anything from deep and bassy movie trailers, to upbeat and fun explainer videos...and everything in between.

Recent clients include brands like BMW, Pepsi, Merck, Huawei, Honeywell, Sweetgreen, Samsung and others down to small mom ’n pops.

"I’ve always been passionate about connecting and communicating with people, and having the chance to do it regularly through voice overs is an absolute pleasure."

Make contact with Cliff: 

U.S. +1 (989) 256-1985

Australia: +61 43 418 4140

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